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08th Oct

Ready-to-Wear HAIR

Unleash you inner super-model, keep your hair fresh and bouncy, flaunt your...

13th Sep
Ready-to-Wear HAIR

HOTT color right!!!

15th Aug

Look Book for Michalis Sikianaki


13th Aug

Application of Corey’s Concoction


31st Jul
Mixing my Concoction

Strawberry Blonde for The Playboy Club

   Leah Renee came to Corey Powell at the Sally Hershberger salon...

21st Jul
Leah Renee

in action

  Corey Powell in action at his space at the Sally Hershberger...

14th Jul

Celebrities and How They Get Healthy Hair

The health and style of hair play an essential role in creating...

31st May

Three Top Tails Step-by-Step

Do you really need a good reason for a ponytail? A perfect...

15th Feb
Top Tails

3 More Trends

01st Jan
Beauty Trends for US WEEKLY