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Thick, luxurious, shiny hair isn’t just for the 1 Percent. Creating opulent hair can be easy on the wallet—just master a few simple techniques:
1. SHAMPOO (your scalp) hair with a Reparative shampoo or Clean Replenishing Moisturizing Conditioner, that rinse away easily.
2. ADD VOLUME by misting damp hair from roots to ends with a favorite bodyfier. Grab a round boar bristle brush douse it with stuff. Each time you pick up a new section of hair with the brush, fire two more spritz at the roots.
3. BE METHODICAL about your blowout, working with small sections no wider then brush. Keep brushing and blowing each section until its bone-dry, spinning the brush handle to smooth the hair.
4. USE SHINE SPRAY (but skip the roots) If hair is fine, flip head upside down mist with dry shampoo. Finish with shine spray on mid-length to ends.

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