Corey Powell’s Hair Oil, Part 2

Corey’s custom-blended hair oil will repair and restore damaged, stressed hair while...

10th Nov

Corey Powell’s Hair Oil, Part 1

To keep hair healthy, I use my own blend of oils to...

08th Nov

2015 AMA’s Rundown

Hollywood insider Michael Shirley and I sat down and discussed which hair...

20th Jan

Red Carpet Beauty Secrets with E! News

Watch my feature on E! News’ Special “A-List Beauty Secrets: Red Carpet...

18th Sep

Key Points for Sexy, Shiny, Beautiful Hair

Healthy, shiny hair is at your fingertips. Here are a few of my favorite tools and tips for better haircare at home.

04th Dec

In Salon Therapies

Throughout many years of working doing hair, I came along an amazing...

21st Nov