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5 Tips for Healthy Blonde Hair Color


After investing time and money into your beautiful blonde hair color, making sure it stays healthy and shiny should be of importance as well. To make sure you do, I have 5 easy tips that can help make your daily haircare routine a success for beautiful looking blonde tresses.

  1. Be consistent with one colorist, once you have found him/her make sure you discuss maintenance and up-keep.
  2. Using a Sulfate and Sodium Chloride free shampoo is a must. This will avoid dehydrating your hair making it brittle and dull.
  3. If Using a purple shampoo, only use every other or third wash.
  4. Use a heat and UV protectant on your hair to protect for sun and heat damage.
  5. Always invest in a good Conditioner, you already invested in your hair so make sure you get a good conditioner to keep it nourished.

Let me know if you found these tips helpful or have any questions for me in the comments below.

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