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RED CARPET BEAUTY – 2015 Golden Globes

As a Colorist/Stylist for over 20 years working on Hollywood celebrities from Reese Witherspoon, Liz Taylor, Cameron Diaz, and many more I have had a one hand experience on the hair do’s and don’ts – especially on the Red Carpet.

Can you imagine the pressure these celebs and stylist have when prepping for Award Season? Weeks of preparation, doing the hair color to accent, highlight the dress, the look.  If wearing a black dress, it can be a heavy look if the hair is too dark, or if you have blonde hair, you should have the right tone to keep some contrast from the dress. This year, I worked with the amazing Michelle Monaghan, doing golden brown hair with a few highlights, creating a “I’ve been on a yacht in St. Tropez for a week” look. Last year I created one of Harpers Bazar’s most sought after color for 2014 on Margot Robbie. It’s a lot of fun and pressure creating that special look for an award show. I love it…

Margot-RobbieHere is a look at my favorite HITS and FAILS on the 2015 Golden Globes:


Michelle Monaghan was looking gorgeous with her golden highlights.


Julianne Moore: Julianne Moore, you wore that sexy dress well. The hair was a bit too un-done I think,  we’ve seen you looking HOT.

1421084707_jennifer-aniston-zoomJennifer Aniston in an up-do, was different for her and the color looked good. Maybe she  wanna be taken more seriously, but you can’t have your Cake and eat it too. We love your hair Jen

enhanced-19396-1421028629-9Emma Stone: Absolutely love her red hair and style, she is so cute.
 Jennifer Lopez (aka J-LO) was just Fierce! Her hair color, style, and dress was on point.
 Joanne Froggatt from Downton Abbey looked fantastic, nothing like her character.
Julianna your dress and make up looked great. Not sure what was going on with your hair, was it an up-do or did you cut it? Not my fave.
 The cast of Girls, the hair, fashion, make up, something was just OFF. I kinda love it, seems international  (Image by Yahoo)
Emily Blunt looked fantastic! One of my favorites, I love the French braided/Grecian look.
 Amy Adams had a great contrast going on with her dress and hair color, the hairstyle was – well…
Christine Branski always looks great, she knows how to hit the mark with hair and the dress.
 Maggie Gyllenhaal, not sure her best look is short, short hair.
Naomi Watts and hubby Live Schreiber were an A+. Hair color and style with the yellow color dress and her sexy husband made a beautiful couple.
Colin Farrell was looking sexy with his slicked hair and mustache.
And speaking of stache, Matthew McConaughey. This beard thing,! But in his defense, it’s for a role he is playing, thank god.
Patricia Arquette: Congrats on the win and great hair color! Not sure on the dress or the up-do, love you though.
 Finally, Kate Beckinsale: Girl, you rocked it! Probably the best up-do and overall look of the night.
The look of the night seemed to be casual elegance, yet a bit messy, wavy, and un-kempt. A few beautiful up-dos like Kate Beckinsale, Kate Hudson, Katie Holmes rocked a slicked back ponytail. But over all I think hair was a little too casual for formal attire. Did not see any big misses on hair color, with lots of strong color with was very nice.
TV is definitely undergoing a revolution with the “Best Actor” award for TV going to Jeffrey Tambor, a 70 year old transgender. WOW!
Stay tuned for my next cynopsis…
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