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#MakeoverMonday Featuring Virginia

This week’s #MakeoverMonday is the definition of makeover. My client, Virginia, an art school teacher, sought me out because she loves Margot Robbie’s hair color.

As you can see in the before shot, her hair was nowhere near Margot’s or anywhere near blonde. We brainstormed a bit and upon finishing the consultation, decided to take it a step farther than Margot’s look— bleach and tone it! What a transformation. IMG_7149

Virginia looks like a whole new woman! Not only does the color change up her entire look, but it’s sexy, fun and edgy. The added texture she has from bleaching it will also allow her to try out all different kinds of short, fun styles.

Although an overall bleached look like Virginia’s requires consistent upkeep, the right techniques (like toning) and proper every day care will keep your hair looking bright and healthy.


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